UPDATED: Politico's Thrush, ABC's Klein compete for Drudge link

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Politico's Glenn Thrush is up with an awfully meaty post following the President's first address to a Joint Session of Congress tonight. It says, in full:

46 minutes

It took President Obama 46 minutes to mention terrorism, the military or foreign affairs.

By Glenn Thrush 09:57 PM

I kid you not. He seems to be saying, "Please Matt Drudge, please link to me, pretty please..."

Not to be outdone, Rick Klein makes the same pointless assessment during his live blogging of the speech on ABC's The Note:

9:58 pm ET: Took a LONG while to get to foreign policy, no?

I wonder how long it will take Drudge to read these love notes and post his own note in return -- in the form of a link.

Bring on the traffic... daddy's gotta pay the bills (through online ad impressions.)

UPDATE: It looks like Thrush and Klein may be trolling the Twitters for help in their quest for Drudge's affection.

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