"NBC has an Erin Burnett problem"

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Adam Green at Huff Post details how the NBC business reporter seemed to morph into a Wall Street flak/apologist during her appearance on MTP this weekend:

This Sunday's Meet The Press made something absolutely clear: Journalists who are "embedded" on Wall Street and depend on Wall Street execs for access on a day-to-day basis are ridiculously unqualified to give the public good information about the economic crisis.

Question for NBC: Is Burnett supposed to cover Wall Street, or cover for Wall Street?

UPDATE: And yes, it was Burnett who claimed last week that Rush Limbaugh's opinion piece in the WSJ about the proposed economic stimulus package represented a "serious" proposal. The same Limbaugh opinion piece which suggested recessions, including this one, simply cure themselves.

UPDATE: NBC's MTP was a bit of a misinformation train wreck yesterday. Aside from Burnett, host David Gregory peddled old, discredited nonsense about how Social Security in 2010 would "pay out more than it's taking in." False.

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