The WSJ telegraphs how it's not going to let the Blago/Obama story die


No matter what the released report says about the contacts between Obama's team and Blago.

Monday's Journal news report acknowledges that Obama sources insists the report won't contain any damning information. And Stephanopoulos over the weekend reported that Rahm Emanuel was caught on tape telling Blago all he'd receive from Obama was "appreciation" if an Obama favorite was selected to fill his U.S. senate seat.

But the Journal, on behalf of the Beltway press corps, announces that it already has a back-up plan in order to hype the non-scandal [emphasis added]:

Regardless of how clean the Obama camp is, the release of the report isn't likely to be clean. Thursday, former President Bill Clinton released a list of 205,000 donors -- many of them foreign governments -- to his foundation, which he had promised to do as a condition for his wife Sen. Hillary Clinton's nomination as secretary of state. That set off a scramble to tie donors to policy predicaments facing the Obama administration.

See, similar to Isikoff, the Journal suggests Obama's just like Clinton.

But at least the Journal's upfront about its future Blago coverage: Regardless of what the report indicates, the press isn't going to drop the story.

Behold your press corps at work.

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