About Howie Kurtz's "Obama Adulation Watch"

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

It's a way for the WaPo's Kurtz to mock journalists who he thinks write overly positive things about the new Democratic, president-elect.

Note that in 1992, The New Republic ran its "Clinton Suck-Up Watch," in order to mock journalists the magazine thought wrote overly positive things about the new, Democratic president-elect.

Note who's missing from these journalism watches? The Republican, of course. In 2001, president Bush was rewarded with soft, loving press coverage. But we don't recall reading running installments at TNR or the Post that mocked journalists for writing overly positive things about the new Republican president. Did we just not see them at the time, or is fawning coverage of a Republican not considered to be a big deal?

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