The NYT celebrates Ground Hog Day

The NYT celebrates Ground Hog Day

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Obama did not answer Blago questions yesterday, so the Times Jeff Zeleny rushed the update onto the newspaper's blog. (Nothing gets past the mighty Times!)

Do news passages get any more entertaining/revealing/depressing than this?

Mr. Obama, yet again, declined to answer questions about Mr. Blagojevich in any detail. Neither he nor his advisers are accused of any wrongdoing.

For us, that perfectly captures the media inanity around the Blago/Obama story. Nobody is accusing Obama or his aides of doing anything wrong which means he must answers questions immediately regarding a story in which neither he nor his aides are accused of doing anything wrong.

Of course the headline was priceless, as well: "Blagojevich Questions Continue to Overshadow Transition"

Who determines whether Blago is overshadowing the transition? The Beltway press corps, of course. And they've already gone all in on the story.

But wait! Zeleny has real Blago news:

But don't look for Mr. Obama to announce the findings of the internal inquiry of which advisers – in addition to Rahm Emanuel – had contact with the Illinois governor's office over replacing Mr. Obama's Senate seat. The plan now, aides said, is to release the review by written statement.

Did we mention nothing gets past the mighty Times?

Some Times readers though, seem unimpressed. From "Chicago Todd":

Whitewater redux — a media in perfect unison singing out the latest talking meme without evidence or facts. Has any prominent media publication expounded on the fact that this is a media generated controversy?

From "Rich":

Just because you say that "Blagojevich Questions Continue to Overshadow Transition," it doesn't make is so. Most people I talk to think the Blago questions are irrelevant.

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