The RNC literally writes the lead for Chicago Tribune Blago/Obama story

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

From the Trib's blog [emphasis added]:

The "unanswered questions'' -- as the Republican National Committee and others are calling them -- will continue to haunt President-elect Obama and staff in the sordid case of the Illinois governor accused of attempting to sell Obama's Senate seat. Until Obama, and his staff, answer them.

Take a knee Trib, because the breathlessness (Obama's haunted!) must leave everyone there exhausted.

Did Rahm Emanuel speak to Blago's team about filling Obama's senate seat? Yes. Is that in any way, shape, or form unusual? No. Is it illegal? Of course not. Are prosecutors targeting Emanuel in any way? No. Is the RNC hyping a non-story? Yes. Is the Trib doing the RNC's bidding? Gladly.

FYI, John McCain is not impressed by the RNC's attempt to hype the Blago story to the press.

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