Pundits: It's Obama's fault

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

The first phase of the Hillary Clinton/SoS "drama" may soon be over (will Tweety pull a Howard Beale tonight?), but members of the press want everyone to know they had no choice but to wallow in the drama. The drama was practically forced upon them. And of course the Clintons are the blame.

But as CDS spread, pundits began cast a wider net. And now some say it's Obama's fault too, for unleashing the "huge" drama by, y'know, asking Clinton to join his cabinet. According to the press, that was a deliberate choice the president-elect made to un-bottle the drama. And folks, once the drama's been let loose, there's just no containing it.

Just sayin'.

(FYI, The "they" in the clip below refers to the Obama campaign.)

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