Somebody isn't telling the truth -- will MSNBC tell us who?

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Ok, let's try another approach. Earlier today on MSNBC, Obama strategist Robert Gibbs said of Palin's speech: "I don't know that it was heavy on actual facts. She got a lot of that wrong." Host Andrea Mitchell didn't engage on the topic of the truthfulness of Palin's speech.

Now, one of two things is true: either Sarah Palin got a lot wrong during her speech last night, or Robert Gibbs is making false claims about Sarah Palin.

Conservatives have been attacking the media for being unfair to Sarah Palin. Allowing an Obama strategist to make unrebutted attacks on Palin's truthfulness can't make those conservatives happy. So I assume they'll join me in asking MSNBC to tell their viewers whether Gibbs' criticism was accurate. I mean, MSNBC shouldn't just allow Gibbs to accuse Palin of getting things wrong without either confirming or debunking his claims, should they?

Who's with me? Newsbusters? Malkin? Anyone?

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