Weekly Standard 's Kristol falsely claimed Kerry “now even with Bush in money”

Though President George W. Bush has raised more than $100 million more than Senator John Kerry and has $55 million more than Kerry remaining to spend, William Kristol -- editor of the conservative magazine The Weekly Standard -- falsely claimed that Kerry is “now even with Bush in money” during Kristol's April 25 appearance as a panel member on FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

As the Associated Press reported on April 24, “Kerry is still playing catch-up with Bush on raising cash for his own campaign.” As the Chicago Tribune reported on April 24, Bush has raised $186 million, while Kerry has raised $84 million. And as the Los Angeles Times reported on April 21, by the end of March, Bush had $87 million in cash on hand to Kerry's $32 million in cash on hand, according to reports both campaigns filed with the Federal Election Commission.