Paging Andrew Breitbart, another wingnut just called Obama a racist

Remember, according to Breitbart's latest right-wing talking point, calling somebody a racist is the worst possible allegation unfurled in America. It's an unforgivable act and Breitbart is not going to stand idly by while people do it.

Well actually, it turns out Breitbart will stand idly by when people do. And specifically when right-wingers throw around the “racist” charge about Obama, Breitbart won't say boo. But we'll give him another chance to redeem himself and prove that he's not just a hypocrite.

The latest “racist” attack comes courtesy of (surprise!) Pamela Geller. Here's her wingnut headline:

Racist Obama will Not Be Photographed with Jewish Prime Minister of Israel

And here's the hate speech:

This is a .... sin. An outrage. I am sure all of the nazis and Jew-haters are rubbing their hands in glee. The man is a horror. G-d bless Netanyahu for tolerating the jihadist-in-chief. I am deeply ashamed of my once great country.

We anxiously await Breitbart's denunciation.