Start the countdown clock: Breitbart must condemn Limbaugh today

Blog ››› ››› ERIC BOEHLERT

Why? Because on his show yesterday, Rush Limbaugh suggested former CBS anchor Dan Rather was a racist. And according to Andrew Breitbart's latest right-wing talking points, calling somebody a racist is the worst possible allegations unfurled in America. It's an unforgivable act and Breitbart is not going to stand idly by while people do it.

So yes, given those glaringly clear guidelines for today's public discourse, I can't wait to see Breitbart take Limbaugh to task for implying Rather is a racist. Do you think Breitbart will try to call into Limbaugh's show and give him a good verbal lashing? Or maybe Breitbart will just write a blog post for Big Journalism and detail once again, so the entire right-wing movement can see and hear, how lobbing the charge of "racism" is now unequivocally out of bounds.

It's never easy for any fellow conservative to criticize a high-profile talker like Limbaugh. But Breitbart doesn't really have a choice, right? If he meekly stands by and doesn't stand up to the AM talker, who will ever take Breitbart's anti-"racism" crusade seriously?

As Dan Rather himself might say, courage Andrew Breitbart. Courage.

UPDATED: This is awkward. Turns out Breitbart's going to have to reprimand his close blogging buddy, Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit. Why? Because he also attacked Rather and called him a "racist."

UPDATED: Yes, it's true that Glenn Beck last summer called the president a "racist," and that Breitbart never said boo. But to be fair, that was before the conservative propagandist made his definitive claim about using the "racist" tag. He's clearly on the record today, which is why I'm positive he'll now call out Limbaugh for flippantly using that vile phrase.

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