BTW, Obama's approval rating is up since March, but Bloomberg News decides not to say so

Bloomberg becomes just the latest new organization to write up its finding about Obama's latest polling numbers (i.e he's doomed!) and for some reason forgets to inform news consumers that Obama's approval rating is actually up slightly, or holding steady, this year in those individual polls.

For the latest Bloomberg poll, the president's approval rating comes in at a solid 52 percent. Back in March, Bloomberg's survey pegged Obama's rating at 50 percent. So yes, a small upward bump. But boy, you'd never know it from Bloomberg's May Day! May Day! write-up about its poll findings and the almost cataclysmic political problems Obama supposedly faces.

UPDATED: For the record, I'm not suggesting recent polling results don't include some bad news for the White House and Democrats. I just continue to be struck how news orgs often go out of their way to leave out relevant context and fail to explain how steady Obama's rating has been this year.