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  • Hey Breitbart, look to your left

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    During his speech at FreedomWorks' September 12 rally on the National Mall, Andrew Breitbart berated the media for portraying tea party ralliers as "racist, sexist, homophobe," and "Islamophobe," but the crowd he addressed was full of inflammatory signs.

  • TIMELINE: Nine months of the right's anti-Muslim bigotry


    Cheered on by Fox News and the rest of the right-wing media, conservative activists spent the past year engaged in an anti-Muslim campaign that included efforts to block the planned Islamic center in lower Manhattan and demonize the imam spearheading the project. The bigotry has culminated in a Florida pastor's now-"suspended" plans to burn Qurans on September 11 -- plans that the pastor has explicitly linked to the controversy over the Islamic center.

  • Conservative media attribute German economic growth to spending cuts that have not yet begun

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    Conservative media have falsely suggested that Germany's fiscal austerity policies spurred that country's recent economic growth, at times arguing that the United States should therefore have cut spending instead of borrowing to stimulate the economy. In fact, Germany -- which launched stimulus spending and increased the deficit in response to the recession -- has not yet implemented its planned cuts, and economists say Germany's recent improvement is largely due to conditions favorable to its export-based economy.

  • Why is Fox carrying water for Sheriff Joe?

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    Fox News has forwarded Sheriff Joe Arpaio's claim that he is cooperating with a Department of Justice investigation into charges of racial profiling, and that the investigation is politically motivated. However, Arpaio's own lawyer has reportedly acknowledged that they have not fully cooperated, and the inquiry began during the Bush administration.

  • No, Stephen Hayes, Americans aren't happy with GOP obstructionism

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    On the September 2 edition of Special Report, Weekly Standard editor Stephen Hayes responded to Juan Williams' assertion that Republicans "took a strategy of obstructing Obama" by stating:

    HAYES: But that's okay if voters believe that obstructing the president as he tries to enact this agenda that many people disagree with is a good thing. And I think Republicans now -- or voters now are saying, "Yeah, it's fine if they want to obstruct the president."

    In contrast to Hayes' statement, an August 11-16 AP-GfK poll found that only 30 percent approve "of the way Republicans in Congress are handling their jobs." The poll found that 49 percent approve of the way Barack Obama is handling his job and 37 percent approve of Congressional Democrats' performance.

    An August 19-22 Reuters/Ipsos poll also found that 78 percent believe "Washington no longer works effectively because of fighting between parties and branches of government means that nothing can be accomplished." Thirty-six percent of those respondents said that Republicans have "done more to cause this situation" while 28 percent said Democrats were more to blame and another 28 percent blamed both parties.

    I don't think anyone can look at these numbers and conclude that voters think the obstruction strategy is "a good thing."

  • Flashback: "Humility" one of Beck's 12 values

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    In February of 2009, Glenn Beck introduced "Nine Principles" and "Twelve Values" he promised could "solve any problem." Number five on that list of capital-V Values was "Humility."

    And how has Beck embraced this value?

    With a self-promotional rally on the National Mall loosely disguised as a revival-style gathering on the topic of faith.

    Beck spent months building up the event, encouraging his followers to join him by posting an outrageous promotional video that compared 8-28 to the moon landing, Iwo Jima, the Montgomery bus boycott and the signing of the Declaration of Independence and likened Beck to Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln, the Founding Fathers, and the Wright Brothers. Beck asserted that he was going to "reclaim the civil rights movement" and predicted that the rally would be "an American miracle" or a "defibrillator to the heart of America."

  • Glenn Beck thinks Glenn Beck is "the stories that matter most"

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    To supplement his burgeoning self-promotion empire, Glenn Beck has launched, a "news, information and opinion site" that, despite its stated goal to "post, report and analyze stories of interest on a wide range of topics" appears to have a disproportionate number of stories covering -- you guessed it -- Glenn Beck, as Gawker has noted.

    As of 10 PM tonight, the range of topics on The Blaze remained woefully narrow, with four out of the fifteen main stories on the homepage containing Beck's name in the headline and another four touting Beck's August 28 "Restoring Honor" rally, itself another exercise in self-aggrandizement.

    This doesn't exactly jibe with what Beck reportedly told Mediaite: that he hopes visitors to The Blaze will find "original reporting, insightful opinions and engaging videos about the stories that matter most." Unless Glenn Beck thinks Glenn Beck is what matters most.

  • Beck falsely claims Imam Rauf's wife said "all Americans hate Muslims"

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    As part of an escalating attack on the Park51 Islamic community center, Glenn Beck falsely claimed that Daisy Khan, the wife of the imam who is spearheading the Park51 project, said that "all Americans hate Muslims." In fact, while discussing the strident opposition to the center, Khan said that hatred for Muslims in America is a cause for concern.

  • Living in his own world: Beck rehashes old smears to paint Obama as anti-Israel

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    Just a few days after the announcement that Israel had agreed to U.S.-sponsored peace talks with the Palestinians, Glenn Beck devoted more than nine minutes to a rant suggesting that the president and his administration are anti-Israel. Beck never mentioned the peace talks; rather, he devoted time to building a sense of impending doom, predicting a "bad conflict coming our way soon in the Middle East."

    "Who's side are we on?" Beck asked before stating that the kind of thinking that "permeates" the current administration is a type that would "defend Iran instead of Israel if a confrontation happens."

    Beck then went on a guilt-by-association spree, using old distortions and falsehoods to attack the president's appointees and advisors over invented anti-Israeli sentiments and purported ties to anti-Israeli organizations.

  • Erickson reneges on his much-hyped vow to ban birthers from RedState

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    Despite Erick Erickson's vow to ban birthers and affiliated groups from RedState, a post promoting birtherism and attacking President Obama has popped up on RedState's homepage.

    Using as a launching pad today's Washington Post article on the increasing number of Americans who believe President Obama to be a Muslim, poster "streiff" jumps into a falsehood-ridden offensive against the Post and other media that ignored what he calls "stories the legacy media should have covered had they been as invested in doing their job as they were in promoting Obama's candidacy the president." Among the "stories" that supposedly merited investigation, "streiff" names "Obama's birth certificate":

    Obama's lack of experience: ignored.

    The sale of Obama's senate seat: ignored.

    Failure of Senator Obama's subcommittee to hold hearings on Afghanistan: ignored.

    Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn: ignored.

    Obama's relationship with Jeremiah Wright: ignored.

    Obama's appointment of a pedophile as safe schools czar: ignored.

    Obama's appointment of an avowed commie and 9/11 Troofer as "green jobs czar": ignored.

    Obama's birth certificate: ignored.

    I lump these all together for a reason because they are all stories the legacy media should have covered had they been as invested in doing their job as they were in promoting Obama's candidacy. For those who pooh-pooh the idea that Obama's birth origins warranted investigation I can only point out that the legacy media did cover the idea that John McCain's birth in the US Canal Zone -- to a US Naval officer and his American citizen wife -- might exclude him from the Presidency. If you're saying that being crazy per sedisqualifies an idea as worthy of investigation I present Exhibit A which proves conclusively that no idea is too crazy to be investigated: the aptly named Gary Sick's October Surprise allegation.

    Birther posts were supposed to banned on RedState. In a February 12 post, Erickson dubbed birthers "'birfers' because it sounds as crazy as they are," likened them to 9-11 truthers, and wrote:

    If you think 9/11 was an inside job or you really want to debate whether or not Barack Obama is an American citizen eligible to be President, RedState is not a place for you.

    Birfers and Truthers are not welcome here. Period. End of Story.

    As if this weren't bad enough, another example "streiff" gives of a story the media inappropriately ignored is "Obama's appointment of a pedophile as safe schools czar."

    Calling Kevin Jennings a pedophile is a vicious, homophobic smear so blatantly false that even Accuracy in Media had to issue an apology for making the same accusation.

    * This post has been edited for clarity.