9-11 Truther Ventura says he's investigating the “alleged Pentagon plane”; Napolitano says “we'll be watching”

From the October 16 edition of Fox Business' Freedom Watch:

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NAPOLITANO: Before I let you go, tell me about your new series. What's the next conspiracy you're investigating?

VENTURA: Well, we open up with Plum Island, just down the road from here a little bit. We will do water, we will do 9-11 again, looking specifically at the Penta - the alleged Pentagon plane that hit there. We do J.F.K., which I'm thoroughly thrilled over because as I said you will get the first confession to the murder of John F. Kennedy on Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory.

NAPOLITANO: Did Lee Harvey Oswald kill John F. Kennedy on the lawn?

VENTURA: I don't believe so, not at all.

NAPOLITANO: Governor, it's a pleasure. Thanks very much for joining us.

VENTURA: Alright, thank you judge, appreciate it.

NAPOLITANO: We'll be watching that show.


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