“Stop the Steal” organizer Ali Alexander claims Elon Musk gave him private details about the “Twitter Files”

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Citation From the January 26, 2023, edition of Chrissie Mayr Podcast

CHRISSIE MAYR (HOST): When the “Twitter Files" came out and they -- you could see them languishing over how to justify --


MAYR: -- how to suspend Trump. They're like, “Oh, well, he could have meant this. This all could have been a dog whistle." This was like, so they'll force anything they need to to fit their motive. I've got a couple questions --

ALEXANDER: Which, by the way, Elon [Musk] told me about those files. He --

MAYR: Oh really? 

ALEXANDER: He was like, he's like, “There are pages and pages and pages of confessions, Ali."

MAYR: Really? From the ex-employees or --

ALEXANDER: Yeah, and current.

MAYR: Current?

ALEXANDER: In the Slack channel.

MAYR: Why? Because they were, like, were they scared or something? And they felt like they had to talk about it.

ALEXANDER: Elon's trying to figure out -- he's like, “How could they be so stupid as to think no one would ever read this?" But that's how high on the hog all these people were. That's how institutionalized they all were. And to some degree, it makes me mad that Jack [Dorsey] -- Jack wanted me to know some things, but there's clearly some things he didn't want to tell me. And he shouldn't have told me. But it's worse than everyone -- it's worse than the Twitter Files.

MAYR: So there are things that were discovered that they could put in the Twitter Files that are -- that they're not going to --

ALEXANDER: They're not public yet.

MAYR: Do you think they will be?

ALEXANDER: I think so.

MAYR: Because I know there's -- there's still one that's due to come out about [Anthony] Fauci. I don't know if that's coming out or not yet.

ALEXANDER: Yeah, yeah, it's meeting legal. There's a researcher that Elon's flying in -- I think can't fly in until mid-February.

MAYR: Cool.