“Stop the Steal” organizer Ali Alexander claims he spoke with Elon Musk and will be “back on Twitter soon”

Alexander also claims he has “a standing VIP ticket at every Trump rally. They've thanked me for my service.”

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Citation From a December 18, 2022, online stream

ALI ALEXANDER ("STOP THE STEAL" ORGANIZER): Through this all, I have remained ever loyal to Donald J. Trump. And yeah, I have a standing VIP ticket that's probably going to get revoked after this broadcast, but I have a standing VIP ticket at every Trump rally. They've thanked me for my service, but guess who didn't thank me? Guess who didn't call me? Guess you didn't call me and said, "Thank you for loving God. Thank you for loving the truth. Thanks for not throwing me under the bus. Thanks for starting a nationwide movement and not getting paid for it. Thank you for believing. Thank you for bringing the evidence. Thank you for popularizing something that was unpopular and unheard of." That election integrity wasn't polling 5% in the Republican Party, and now it's an 85% plus issue. More Republicans are concerned with election integrity than guns, than taxes. And we did that. Ali [Periscopes], Ali Twitter, Stop the Steal. We birthed something when there was one of us, then three of us, then 300 of us. Then one state, then three states, then five states and 50 states. We did that, and not with the help of the Republican National Committee, not with the help of the Trump campaign, and not with the help of Donald J. Trump. And I've never gotten a call from the man post-J6, with him thanking me for my service. 


Everyone thinks that Ye came to Texas to go on Infowars. You know what I told Ye? I said, "Ye, let me write this plan for you so that you can hold the people accountable around you. I don't want anything from you. I've got my own life going on, my own problems. I've got to rebuild my wealth, I've got to rebuild my career. I've got all kinds of things I've got to do. The January 6 Select Committee is about to be up. I got to -- I got to reintroduce myself to the world. I just talked to Elon [Musk] a little while ago. I need to -- I'm going to get back on Twitter soon, yada, yada, yada. I'm making moves. I'm making moves, Ye."