Rachel Maddow Calls Out Rand Paul For Turning To Alex Jones After Failing To Qualify For GOP Debate

Maddow: Rand Paul Is Calling “Internet Conspiracy Theorist Radio host Alex Jones” To Lobby RNC To Allow Him On The Main GOP Debate

From the January 13 edition of MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show:

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RACHEL MADDOW (HOST): Senator Rand Paul today calling on internet conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones and his many amazing followers, calling on them to call Reince Priebus. Call the Republican Party chairman and lobby for Rand Paul to be given special treatment once again, to get into a debate for which he is not qualified. 

Alex Jones, just as a refresher, he's the guy who says the killing of first graders at sandy hook elementary school was all faked. It didn't really happen. Also the Boston marathon bombing was faked, also 9/11 was faked, also the San Bernardino shooting was faked. None of those things were real, according to Alex Jones. If you believe in those things, you're a patsy being set up by the government, because those things were all conspiracies mounted by the federal government so they can come in and try to take your guns or put you in a camp or fluoridate your water or broadcast evil messages through your dental fillings or something. I don't know exactly. But that's Alex Jones. And Alex Jones is Rand Paul's emergency escape hatch? His plan C? That's what he's doing to try to get into the Republican debate tomorrow night. Enlist the army of Alex Jones conspiracy theorists. We'll see if that works. Reince Priebus, you might want to check the caller I.D. before you pick up the phone.


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