NRA board member Ted Nugent: “Asian culture” is “evil”

NRA board member Ted Nugent: "Asian culture" is “evil”

On Infowars, Nugent calls Asian culture "evil"
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Citation From the March 14, 2020, edition of Infowars’ The Alex Jones Show

ALEX JONES (HOST): Well as you know, going back thousands of years ago to Rome or other countries, militaries were established and borders were established to stop plagues from coming in. That’s one of the first reasons they created countries.  

TED NUGENT (NRA BOARD MEMBER): And let me bring another very toxic point up. And of course in extreme times, you have to be extremely honest. And let’s be extremely honest. You know, you hear about all men are created equal, well I believe if you’re in China and you believe that -- you know, I’m all for eating whatever meat you want. My friends in Africa and Asia they eat dogs and cats and they eat all kinds of guts and kinds of bile and stuff, and have a nice day with that. But in the country of China, I hope your listeners know, we should do a detailed scrutiny and an expose on this --

JONES: You were telling me about it last night, where they eat live frogs and just --

NUGENT: Well, not just the live frogs, but the guts. The entire, you know, intestinal tract.

JONES: Which again isn't smart, that's all the bacteria, everything being processed, it’s the crap.

NUGENT: Well, I hope your listeners know that there was an annual dog meat festival in China. Now I’m not condemning the use of dog meat, a lot of people who live in our the world rely on that source of protein. And I’m laying here with my beloved dogs. I genuflect at the altar of canine. Sadie is on my lap --

JONES: I have seen you personally spoil your dogs. 

NUGENT: You’ve met my dogs, you know how much we love our -- Shemane and I have a -- what do you call it Shemane? We have an unhealthy relationship with our dogs, we love them so much. So let’s establish that there has never been a human who loves dogs more than I do. But in China Alex, and our fellow listeners on The Alex Jones Show, not only do they have a dog meat festival in China but every year in the inner circle of the annual Chinese dog meat festival, there is an entire culture where they believe and they perceive and they continue the horror that the more you torture a dog, the more pain and suffering and howling and whining and crying you perpetrate upon that dog, they actually believe the meat has medicinal qualities and is good for you. Stop and grasp the evil in that culture. This is the same Asian culture of the Bataan Death March and the Rape of Nanking even though the shoe is on the other foot at that time. But I don’t think your average American knows that of course there is going to be outrageous --

JONES: Not all cultures are equal. And if you expand on that, I don't know if you know about this but it’s been reported in law enforcement going back hundreds of years that Satanists like to torture children so that then the hormones and the endorphins are released before they drink the blood, that’s a drug. And I’d read about China torturing the dogs as well to then get the hormones into the meat of the pain and suffering, that is so -- the point is, a lot of weird, sick stuff's going on in China.