With Megyn Kelly in studio, Alex Jones asks her if she would sit in Trump's lap

From the June 6 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): She’s standing where Matt Drudge was about a year-and-a-half ago in the last big interview he gave. But you can’t see her. You can see her white blouse. Princess Leia with blond hair. Megyn Kelly is here. Go ahead and kick the florescent lights on, we’ll see if we can see her there. So there you go, the conspiracy theory is true. Megyn, you know some people are saying that you’re not really here actually to interview me.

MEGYN KELLY: I’m here.

JONES: She’s there. So you just interviewed Putin, that was a big, big news maker and next it’s what -- really? What’s airing this next Sunday?

KELLY: You’re in good company. This Sunday, Erin Andrews.

JONES: OK. Erin Andrews. And then when’s Trump?

KELLY: As soon as he says yes.

JONES: OK, well I heard--

KELLY: I’m going to use you as a lure to get him.

JONES: Are you going to be sweet to him?

KELLY: What do you mean? I am very sweet. He and I are all good.

JONES: Would you sit in his lap?

KELLY: Move on.

JONES: I know, I’m just having some fun. OK, Megyn Kelly. That’s actually a look-alike. That’s actually not Megyn Kelly. Thank you, Megyn. I got to say, she’s prettier in person.

KELLY: I never know whether that’s a compliment or not in my line of work.

JONES: No, no, no. I mean it, I mean it. You’re prettier in person. OK, well thank you, Megyn.


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