Alex Jones: Tucker Carlson filmed part of his “End of Men” documentary on my land

Jones: “Yeah, that's my .50-cal. getting shot out there”

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Citation From the April 17, 2022, edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

ALEX JONES (HOST): These are clips from a new Tucker Carlson documentary, that part of it got shot on a little piece of land that I have here in Austin, Texas. I didn't go out to the shoot, but let me tell you, I sent the crew out there because Tucker's producer wanted to use a central Texas piece of property to shoot at, and so they shot some of it, and they do kind of the manly men-type deals. But the issue here is that this isn't just the end of men, this is the end of the humans as we know it, and what we need to counter all of this is men standing up and men being men. So here's a few clips from Tucker's new documentary.  



JONES: Yeah, that's my .50-cal. getting shot out there.

This is – and he's putting red light on his testicles, which will boost his testosterone. This will trigger the libtards like nothing you've ever seen.


Ice baths. Joe Rogan does that every day. He looks great, man, he looks incredible.


Raw eggs.



JONES: OK, so there you go. Definitely going to trigger the libtards worse than his January 6 documentary. And, I mean, I'm glad they shot part of it here in central Texas with us, but just obviously a lot of entertainment value to this. Again, designed to absolutely trigger the leftists. But this is “I want them to stop putting chemicals in the water that's making the freaking frogs gay." ... Western men – Black, white, Hispanic, Asian, old, young – they're losing their sperm count. The genital sizes are shrinking.