Alex Jones says Maui wildfires are “staged,” blames “globalists” and antifa

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Citation From the August 14, 2023, edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

ALEX JONES (HOST): And they've busted antifa and leftists all over the world. Big fires in France right now, big fires in Germany. When the winds get high and it's dry, out come the Extinction Rebellion leftists. And they don't like populists, they don't like people having houses, they don't like people having cars. And then obviously, the globalists. This came out, a lot of the experts that exposed it a few years ago during the 2000 summer riots, antifa directed the hordes and crowds of what to burn and what to attack. And they specifically attacked the real estate in different parts of the U.S. that the globalists wanted. So I believe arsonists did set these fires, and we have evidence we'll cover next hour of that and people being arrested for it. And they basically had the utility companies and others keep the power on to make it even more explosive. They had emergency crews stand back and only protect elitist properties with the fire departments. So this is staged, but it wasn't done with a laser. Even though that's sexy and fun to talk about. It was done with a lighter or matches and gasoline. You can bet your bottom dollar on that.