Alex Jones said he talked privately with Tucker Carlson about whether Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes was a “fed” trying to set Infowars up

Jones also said he was advised by his security team that Rhodes is “creepy as hell” and shouldn’t make further appearances on Infowars programs

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Citation From the January 15, 2022, edition of Infowars’ The Alex Jones Show

ALEX JONES (HOST): But I’ll just go ahead and just get this out in the open, because people say, “Don’t talk about this. God, they’ll twist it.” But my own security, by around January 6, was like, “We don’t like Stewart Rhodes. That guy’s creepy as hell.” And then even after January 6, they’re like, “I wouldn't have that guy on the air.” They thought he was probably a fed and trying to set us up, just from all the weirdness we saw and what happened after that.

But I just couldn’t believe – and I’ve told you this privately, professor, Doctor – six months ago on the phone. But — and I’ve told Tucker Carlson this off the air. I mean, everybody. I just don’t want to accuse somebody before we know, but I know this. I know this: They clearly are betting everything on this sedition rollout and because Ted Cruz, and because Tom Cotton, and because everybody were bringing up Ray Epps, and your articles, and Tucker Carlson, and the rest of it, I was even saying in the office, the day it happened, that morning, I was on air hours before the news broke, saying, “It’s imminent. It’s imminent. They’re going to bust a bunch of people and say it’s terrorism.” Because they had to do this and then, boom, it happened.