Alex Jones reacts to Michael Cohen guilty plea: “Trump never said he wasn’t a ladies man ... I think the crime is that he’s heterosexual”

Jones: “There’s not a thousand raped kids by Trump”

From an August 21 video broadcast on Periscope and Facebook:

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ALEX JONES: We’ve got the leftists infiltrating every university, every institution with their pedophile rings. And I’m not defending the Catholic Church, but it’s not the Catholic Church, it’s that’s how the leftists use their intelligence operations. Over a thousand kids raped, 301 priests, now they are saying no prosecutions.

But, they want prosecutions of Trump legally taking care of women that thought he was going to marry them. Here’s a couple hundred thousand dollars. “Oh, he treated me really nice. Oh, he was super nice, he dated me in between marriages.” That’s the big dirty thing when Trump never said he wasn’t a ladies man, OK? I think the crime is that he’s heterosexual, I guess, with the media. So think about that. There’s not a thousand raped kids by Trump. There’s not one. There’s not one. And that’s what this comes down to is the insanity of the Hollywood pedophile rings and the sex cults and Nxivm and everything Roger Stone and others have exposed and now we’re here looking at this in its eyeballs and we’re hearing that, “Oh my God his lawyer is going to flip on him.” If his lawyer had a taxi cab company that might not have paid taxes. What the hell does that have to do with the frickin’ Russians, man?


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