Alex Jones: My sources tell me Stormy Daniels is working with “the globalists” to try to take down Trump

Alex Jones: My sources tell me Stormy Daniels is working with “the globalists” to try to take down Trump


From a March 10 video posted on Alex Jones’ YouTube channel:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): The word is Stormy Daniels, ladies and gentlemen, from my sources, is planning to go back into the porno business and that there have been offers made and that’s why she has decided to renege on her agreements. Because when you take the money and spend the money, the contract’s executed. Claiming that Trump didn’t sign it, that’s pure bull.

So as we’ve seen with other famous celebrity cases where famous people have sex with porn stars, they tend to go out and do a re-enactment video and you better believe that this re-enactment video is going to be hyped by the media everywhere, it's going to be on pay-per-view, and it will be a way of corrupting the public, degrading the presidency, degrading women, and it will be a way to drag everything through the mud and then make hundreds of millions of dollars, perhaps, off of it in an attempt to bring down our president. And you know that they are going to try to degrade him however they can, as they already did during the campaign with all the incredible sexual insults and the rest of it.

I mean, it is just amazing to watch how the media protected Barack Obama and his reported bisexuality. And it is incredible how they protect Oprah and Hillary and all of it. It's just incredible how the left claims they’re these open free souls, and then they’re always out there using sex for control and claiming if a man hugs a woman it’s some form of rape. It’s incredible.

So again, Stormy Daniels has absolutely sold out to the globalists and it's just another attempt to derail the productivity in this country coming back. And you know a man by his enemies. All these evil globalists that are anti-family, anti-human, anti-America, anti-free market hate this president.


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