Alex Jones calls Vivek Ramaswamy “Alex Jones 2.0”

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Citation From the August 18, 2023, edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

ALEX JONES (HOST): This Vivek [Ramaswamy] guy, he's Alex Jones 2.0. And what did he say? He said we're in a 1776 moment, we're in the spring of 1776. What comes next? July 4th, the war. We're in the war. And he said the dam is breaking, the question is who directs it. Klaus Schwab says angrier world, we have destabilized the planet, we are collapsing the civilization, we will direct the angry population to bring in the Great Reset and Build Back Better.

No, we have to let the people know that the globalists are engineering this through administrative violence. And we have to be aware of it so that the awakened, angry mass isn't just awakened to the fact that they're being screwed, they're awakened to who's done it. Here's a short clip from the bombshell interview. 


JONES: You know, Indians are voting like something 70% for Trump and they beat the same British empire we beat. And I gotta say, they fit in pretty damn good, don't they? So that's where we are right now, ladies and gentlemen. And we're at the 1776 moment.