Alex Jones praises Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for listening to Infowars

Jones: “Kennedy's definitely awake, and knows what's going on, and has been listening to the show for a very long time”

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Citation From the April 21, 2023, edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show 

ALEX JONES (HOST): The line in the sand, folks, is the children. You let 'em come after our children, you don't fight 'em with everything you've got, God's gonna cut you off for eternity. And we will burn. Absence from God is a hell unspeakable. 

Let's go back to the phone calls, I want to hurry through them now. What was your point, Jerry, that you wanted to get to? Thanks for the plugs and things, but what were the points you wanted to make about RFK Jr.? 

CALLER: You know, I watched his entire speech the other day, and I listened giving him a chance thinking he was just gonna be another Democrat, but I gotta be honest, I am a two-time Trumper, and I am not a Trumper at all anymore. He's still pushing the shots, I agree with Justin, one of your last callers. Joe Biggs, he's still in jail. He left you standing high and dry at the Capitol. He hasn't come out. I mean if people don't see that he's part of the problem, they're crazy. But after listening to Bobby Kennedy Jr., and I was a Democrat up until I was 22 and I'm 58 and I've switched, but I actually thought to myself after watching that speech, everything he said was fantastic, if he's the real deal -- I mean, I think we gotta give him a look. And yesterday when I was on hold you mentioned you were gonna do a Saturday show on him. Better yet, you should invite him on! I mean come on -- 

JONES: Well, no, no, here's the deal. I've talked to Kennedy's people and they say, we're talking 20 years ago, 10 years ago, they go, Mr. Kennedy respects you and thinks you're doing great work but obviously you are so toxic with some people that it would hurt some of his long-term plans. He's been planning to run for president forever, he's been building his network. I think he's a good man overall, don't agree with all his policies, but I know he's a real -- I mean you can feel it, discernment, see it, America first, he gets it. And I think he should get the nomination from the Democrats, and then it can be Trump versus him or however that's gonna go down. But I don't think Kennedy should come on because with his constituents that would probably hurt him and might lose it.

But yes, Kennedy is a listener. I'll leave it at that. We have the same publisher of his books, of my book, and I'm not gonna try to get Kennedy in trouble with this, and of course, he can deny it if he wants, that's fine, but Kennedy's definitely awake, and knows what's going on, and has been listening to the show for a very long time. I mean, my gosh, I've been at the forefront of the JFK assassination and Robert F. Kennedy assassination information and of course covered it forever. Well, he knows better than anybody what really happened, so that'll kind of wake you up when the government kills your dad and your uncle.