On This Week, Judicial Crisis Network's Carrie Severino Repeats False Claim That Merrick Garland Is Anti-Gun

Severino: Garland “Has A Gun Vote That Makes Us Think He Doesn't Even Think You Have A Second Amendment Right To Have A Gun In Your Own House”

From the March 20 edition of ABC's This Week:

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GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS (HOST): Carrie, back in 2010, when there was another vacancy, you said Judge Garland was about the best that Republicans, conservatives could hope for under President Obama. 

CARRIE SEVERINO: Well, they could have done worse, they could have appointed Eric Holder. But I think it's very clear that he does exactly what this president wanted to do. To take the court from a four-four-one balance, and move it to a very reliable fifth vote. If you don't believe me, ask The New York Times, they said he would probably vote a little to the left of Justice Kagan, and solidly with this block of five liberals. He has a gun vote that makes us think he doesn't even think you have a Second Amendment right to have a gun in your own house for your own protection. He defers to administrative agencies across the board. So, the EPA doing its unconstitutional power grabs, trying to rewrite the laws, I think absolutely would be in his camp. There's a real question -- he would probably be the fifth vote on abortion -- to get rid of limitations on abortion, that's why Planned Parenthood is supporting him--

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well that would be the case for anybody President Obama appointed, wouldn't it?

SEVERINO: Absolutely. But I think it clearly makes the court a solidly liberal court. As The New York Times said, probably the most liberal we'd have in the last 50 years. 


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