Rep. Emanuel Cleaver Calls Out Trump’s Racially Charged Interaction With American Urban Radio Network’s April Ryan

From the February 16 edition of ABC's World News Tonight With David Muir:

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MARY BRUCE: Watching on Capitol Hill, members of the Congressional Black Caucus in shock. 

EMANUEL CLEAVER (D-MO): This man is clueless. 

BRUCE: Congressman Emanuel Cleaver in disbelief that the president would ask that reporter, April Ryan, of the American Urban Radio Networks, to set up the meeting. 

CLEAVER: Because there was a black woman in the room, the assumption was that some way, somehow, in spite of the fact that she was a reporter, she had some kind of unique contact with the Congressional Black Caucus.

BRUCE: You don't think he would have asked another reporter to set up a meeting like that? 

CLEAVER: Well, I don't think he would have asked you to set up the meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus. 


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