This Jimmy Kimmel Segment Featured More Scientists Discussing Climate Change Than ABC's Top News Shows Did In An Entire Year

Scientists: “We're Not F***ing With You” About The Dangers Of Climate Change

Jimmy Kimmel featured six scientists in a segment of ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! saying climate change is “definitely happening” and “it's caused by human beings.” Meanwhile, ABC's evening news show, World News Tonightdid not feature a single scientist in its 2015 coverage of climate change, while ABC's Sunday news show, This Week, included only one, who was quoted but did not appear.

From the May 2 edition of ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!:

JIMMY KIMMEL (HOST): Almost half our representatives in Washington apparently know more about science than our scientists, or they pretend to because big corporations give them a lot of money to make sure they can keep doing the destructive things that they do. And the idea that this is some kind of left wing conspiracy is -- what if I decided to deny the existence of yogurt? Think about it. I've seen the containers, I just don't believe there's anything in them. I believe yogurt is a conspiracy created by John Stamos. You'd think I was insane, and I would be insane, but this is not that different from that. To me the big question is, either you believe in science or you don't. Why do we believe scientists when it comes to molecules and the speed of light and Cialis, but not this? Because members of Congress, who we don't even like, by the way, because people who take money from companies that make pollution for a living told us not to worry about it. Now, and I know I'll get beaten over the head by every wacko website, and I know there will be a lot of what the hell do you know, go back to girls jumping on trampolines. This is not about what I know, this is about what scientists know. So I hope that for the next two minutes, put your political leanings aside, forget about whether you're a Republican or a Democrat, forget the labels, and pay attention to the following message. Decide for yourself, the people you're about to see are scientists, they're Americans, they're not part of some imaginary conspiracy, they're just a smarter version of us. Watch this, and if at the end you disagree, while we're all underwater I hope you'll be that last one that gets a snorkel.


ARADHNA TRIPATI: Hi, I'm Aradhna Tripati, I'm a paleoclimatologist and isotope geochemist. 

ALEX HALL: Hi, I'm Alex Hall, and I'm a climate scientist. 

JEREMY PAL: I'm Jeremy Pal, and I'm a hydroclimatologist. 

NINA KARNOVSKY: I'm Nina Karnovsky, and I'm a polar ecologist. 

CHUCK TAYLOR: I'm Chuck Taylor, and I'm an environmental analytical chemist. 

JOHN DORSEY: I'm John Dorsey, and I'm a marine environmental scientist. 

KARNOVSKY: Over the past 40 years, thousands of scientists have studied climate change. 

TAYLOR: Definitely happening. 

TRIPATI: And it's caused by human beings.

PAL: That's you and me. 

HALL: And the consequences could be extremely dire.

DORSEY: Catastrophic.

KARNOVSKY: Apocalyptic. 

TRIPATI: And here's the thing, when we tell you all this, we're not f***ing with you. 

PAL: We're not f***ing with you.

TAYLOR: Definitely not f***ing with you. 

DORSEY: Why would we f*** with you? 

PAL: Think about it.

HALL: If I wanted to screw with people, do you think I would have gone into climate science? 

DORSEY: If we were f***ing with you I'm sure we could do a lot better than anthropogenic climate change.

TRIPATI: I'd probably tell you that a meteor was coming, and then try to sell you a helmet.