ABC's Moran Confronts Chris Christie For Enabling “Mob” Chants Against Hillary Clinton

Terry Moran: “Do You Think That's A Good Thing For American Politics When Political Disagreements” Turn Into Calls For Jailing Opponents?

From the July 19 edition of ABC's coverage of the Republican National Convention: 

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TERRY MORAN: So you did level this blistering indictment against Hillary Clinton. Brought the crowd to its feet. Do you think it's good -- they were chanting, “lock her up, lock her up.” Having a really good time with that. Do you think that's a good thing for American politics when political disagreements result in basically a crowd becoming a mob saying lock her up? 

CHRIS CHRISTIE: Come on now. This is such an overstatement on your part. I think conventions are supposed to be fun. And I think people were having a good time tonight. But it's based on her conduct. As I said, I didn't make any charges up there based upon empty rhetoric. Every one of the things I said are based in fact, based upon her record and based upon the statement to the FBI director under oath just last week. That's the way I did it as a prosecutor. And that's what needed to be done here. So these people were having fun. I'm glad they were having fun. That's what part of what a convention is for and that's part of the way you unify people. 


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