ABC Medical Expert: Clinton's Health Letter Is “Enough For Me To Evaluate Her Campaign Saying She's Fit To Be President”

Dr. Richard Besser: Clinton's Release Is “The Kind Of Detailed Summary I Would Expect To Get From Another Doctor”

From the September 14 edition of ABC's World News Tonight with David Muir:

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DAVID MUIR (HOST): Are these her medical records? 

DR. RICHARD BESSER: No, these aren’t medical records either, but here's the difference -- when you combine this with what she released last year, you get a very detailed picture of her history, her family history, the diseases that run in her family, the problems she's had in the past. And we get a follow up. We learn about her thyroid disease, her CT scan following her blood clot, and her pneumonia. This is the kind of detailed summary I would expect to get from another doctor who is referring me a patient. And it's enough for me to evaluate her campaign saying she's fit to be president.


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