ABC balances a good idea with Rudy Giuliani

Reading Jake Tapper's blog, I was pleased to see him announce this new feature for ABC's This Week, which makes a lot of sense:

This week we've invited Pulitzer Prize winning website PolitiFact to fact-check the newsmaker interviews featured on the program.

The idea was first proposed by NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen and I thought it worth a try. PolitiFact editor Bill Adair, the St Petersburg Times' Washington bureau chief, and I know each other from fact-checking forums and such (I was at the Fact Check desk during the 2004 elections) so I asked him if he'd be willing to give it a try. He was.

This is an excellent idea and has the potential to radically alter the entrenched Sunday show rigmarole. Knowing that there's an outside party waiting in the wings to instantly fact-check each interview will likely have a salutary effect both on the way hosts conduct interviews and the way guests answer questions.

However, this later portion of Tapper's blog post does not make a lot of sense:

Oh, and incidentally, our guests this Sunday will be: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The topics for discussion on This Week will be the new nuclear arms pact with Russia and other foreign policy issues. You'll notice, then, that one of these guests is not like the others. Hillary Clinton is America's top diplomat and is responsible for implementing President Obama's foreign policy agenda. Robert Gates worked closely with the president on the nuclear treaty and can provide key insight into our evolving relationship with Russia.

Rudy Giuliani has absolutely no foreign policy experience and has a penchant for saying absurdly false and hypocritical things about terrorism. So he's appearing on the program... why?

Perhaps it's to put Bill Adair through his paces.