60 Minutes Does Gulf Oil Story Right

Bravo to 60 Minutes and correspondent Scott Pelley for taking on BP in its Sunday report about the Gulf oil tragedy and an exclusive interview with one of the survivors of the explosion that led to the ongoing gusher and oil leak.

The report makes no bones about the fact that pressure to dig the well quickly and ignore some signs of problems led to the explosion.

“He says the destruction of the Deepwater Horizon had been building for weeks in a series of mishaps,” the report states about employee Mike Williams, who revealed his experience on the show. “The night of the disaster, he was in his workshop when he heard the rig's engines suddenly run wild. That was the moment that explosive gas was shooting across the decks, being sucked into the engines that powered the rig's generators.”

The rest is a detailed story indicating how the corporate greed of the oil company likely led to the preventable accident.

See a clip below: