WorldNetDaily's financial adviser is ready to flee the country

The headline on Porter Stansberry's March 5 WorldNetDaily “Investor Insights” column reads: “Stocking up on meds and ammo, NOW!” The actual article manages to be even crazier than that.

Stansberry kicks off with a bit of fear-mongering:

Show me the example in history where a nation survives without a violent revolution after adopting paper money as its only standard, ringing up enormous foreign debts while fighting multiple wars, and relying on a tiny fraction of its population as its revenue base. Or ... simply show me any democracy in history that survived after more than 50 percent of its population stopped paying taxes.

Actually, from payroll taxes to state sales taxes, pretty much everyone pays taxes. But Stansberry isn't done fear-mongering yet:

Over the next 10 years (if not much sooner), the reality of our fiscal situation will become impossible to hide. And whom will the masses blame for the resulting chaos? What would happen, for example, if inflation went to 20 percent annually and interest rates soared to 30 percent to 40 percent annually? What would happen in that situation if someone blew up a bomb in the capital?

I don't know if any of these things will happen, of course.

Then why bring them up in the first place?

Stansberry then gets around to the point raised in the headline, an idea he has apparently endorsed in his newsletter (which is sold through WND). He adds, “If I'm wrong and there is no crisis, doing these things won't hurt you. There's no downside to owning foreign real estate, saving gold, or having an emergency stockpile of food, ammunition, and medicine.”

Here's where it gets even crazier:

As for me, I'm not buying ammunition. I'm built for pleasure, not for fighting. So I've simply designed an “escape pod.” I have a nice boat on the dock right behind my house in Miami. I can safely leave the country -- at any time -- with most of my wealth, within 24 hours. I'm building a house on the water in a safe foreign country that doesn't have any ties to America (Nicaragua). I've moved a significant amount of my savings out of the country -- legally. I'm pursuing a diplomatic passport to ensure any attempt to restrict travel out of the country won't stop me.

Lots of folks might be critical of these steps. Believe me, I could not care less about what they think. It's not my job to save the U.S. from its own folly. It's my job to make sure that my family is safe. Only an ignorant fool would look at what's happening with our finances, our military, and our government and not realize we're moving in a dangerous direction that's not likely to have a happy ending.

So we have a financial adviser who has already moved “a significant amount” of money out of the United States and is prepared to flee the country at a moment's notice to a locale “that doesn't have any ties to America.” This is the person WorldNetDaily promotes as someone whose “insight” is worth publishing.