WorldNetDaily sues over “nerd prom” rejection

The annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, otherwise known as “nerd prom,” is quite possibly the hottest ticket in town for media personalities, political staffers and even a few celebrities -- picture Wolf Blitzer, Ari Fleischer and the 8th runner-up from American Idol sharing a laugh over some wine.

Well, it looks like WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farrah is none too pleased after receiving only two seats -- only two! -- to the insidery beltway media festivities.

Simon Owens of Blogasm writes:

Today, several websites, including WND, reported that he is suing the association for $10 million.

I spoke to Farah on the phone about the incident and he explained that they had requested three tables to coincide with the publication of a biography of Lester Kinsolving, WND's longtime White House correspondent. Unsurprisingly, given WND's right-leaning status and Kinsolving's affiliation with it, Farah is claiming ideological foul play on the association.

“There's no question about it,” he said. “I think it's a slight to both Les and WND. He's treated like a pariah in the association. He's treated like a pariah by his colleagues at every briefing. Half the time he's standing there with his hand up, and the guy from the AP will just close down the briefing. He's treated with disrespect by journalists. It's really sad because it's not uniform, or universal, that they disrespect elder statesmen of the press corp, because Helen Thomas is treated like a queen. She asks questions that are just as bizarre as Les, but because her ideological leaning is to the port side, she's treated like a queen. And Les Kinsolving, who is not much of an ideologue, to be honest with you, but his association with World Net Daily pigeon holes him, and he's treated with disrespect.”

Pardon me while I tune the world's tiniest violin.

I'm less inclined to buy the argument that WorldNetDaily is being treated poorly because of its conservative ideology than I am to assume that such treatment is a result of the right-wing, birther conspiracy pushing outlet's lack of any journalistic standards whatsoever. Here are just a few examples of the complete and utter failure that is WorldNetDaily:

Oh, and by the way, I can hardly wait for the “biography of Lester Kinsolving.” To honor Kinsolving, I plan on waiting at the back of a line at Borders, book in hand, as I shout questions at the check-out clerk:

“Aren't books part of the New World Order?”

“Does the CEO of Borders love Socialism?”

You get the picture.