In WorldNetDaily commentary, Pat Boone calls for “figuratively” gassing “varmints” in White House

A few weeks ago, WorldNetDaily editor and CEO Joseph Farah wrote a column suggesting that several Obama administration officials and nominees -- specifically Kevin Jennings, Cass Sunstein, John Holdren, and Chai Feldblum -- are “perverts” and stating that “the entire federal government is going to have to be fumigated some day when these deviants and degenerates are finally sent packing.”

WorldNetDaily returned to the fumigation theme this weekend, publishing an October 31 commentary in which Pat Boone (yes, that Pat Boone) declares, “I believe - figuratively, but in a very real way - we need to tent the White House!

In case you don't know what “tenting” is, Boone explains in detail:

In time, it seems to happen to all older houses, no matter how well tended they may be.

All manner of parasites, vermin, roaches, rats, worms and termites find their way into the building. Long before they're detected, they infiltrate the walls, the floors, the roofs - and then chew their way into the structure, the supporting beams and the very foundation of the house itself. Silently, surreptitiously, whole communities of invaders make places for themselves, hidden but thriving, totally unknown by the homeowner.

Then, in time, tell-tale signs are seen. Little droppings, discolored trails, proliferating piles of residue appear in corners, on tabletops, little hanging sacs from ceilings - alarming evidence that the grand old dwelling has been invaded. Decidedly unwelcome creatures have made this place their home, and by their very existence will eventually destroy the house and bring it to ruin.

What can be done, when you learn that your house has already been invaded?

Well, the tried and true remedy is tenting.

Experts come in, actually envelope the whole dwelling in a giant tent - and send a very powerful fumigant, lethal to the varmints and unwelcome creatures, into every nook and cranny of the house. Done thoroughly, every last destructive insect or rodent is sent to varmint hell - and in a day or two, the grand house is habitable again.

And what does this have to do with the White House?

Boone falsely claims that “out of nowhere,” Obama “has created a whole super-layer of 'czars' over many crucial functions of our society” and then asserts that “so many” of these “czars” are “socialists, extreme leftists and even proud, boastful Marxists. Communists!” Boone likens these public servants to “varmints,” “termites,” and “rodents” that need to be exterminated:

For reasons only he can explain, the current occupant has purposely brought a whole flock of social and political voracious varmints with him into our House. He doesn't own it; he hasn't even rented it; we the people have simply given him the keys and invited him to live there for four years, making it convenient to serve us better, to carry out our expressed wishes for our country.


Even though he constantly uses the imperial-sounding “I,” he knows he can't do it alone. So, he has assembled the most unbelievable coterie of cronies - who buy into his leftist philosophy - to implement and enforce his will on us. Like a very real infestation of termites and rodents, this crew has settled into powerful positions and is already chewing away at the constitutional structure of our government. Out of nowhere, he has created a whole super-layer of “czars” over many crucial functions of our society - with super authority but no accountability to anyone but the temporary occupant.

Who gave him this right? Don't the people he's supposed to serve have a say in something this ominous?

Boone then provides a list of the metaphorical “termites and rodents.” There's “black activist” Van Jones and “black radical” Ed Montgomery. There's Ron Bloom and Anita Dunn, both of whom had the audacity to cite Mao (just like a number of prominent conservatives have done). And then there's “extreme gay activist” Kevin Jennings, who Boone falsely claims “praised the late gay-rights activist Harry Hay for his defense of NAMBLA.”

Returning to his insect theme, Boone claims that Obama “was virtually carried to his current residence by ACORN,” which he describes as “that maggot-ridden organization.”

Boone concludes by urging WorldNetDaily's readers to “act, decisively and powerfully,” writing:

Our White House is being eaten away from within. We urgently need to throw a “tent” of public remonstration and outcry over that hallowed abode, to cause them to quake and hunker down inside. And then treat the invaders, the alien rodents, to massive voter gas - the most lethal antidote to would-be tyrants and usurpers.

We must clean house - starting with our own White House.