WND: Birthers & Birchers welcome (no gays, please)

Sometimes a headline says it all:

Pretty good distillation of WND's worldview, isn't it? The word gays in scare-quotes, the premise that “cooperating” with gay people is fundamentally inconsistent with being a conservative.

The article begins:

A viral alarm spreading among conservatives that the American Conservative Union is accepting homosexual sponsorship for its annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington is not the first indication that the organization is stepping away from its conservative foundations, based on an invitation from CPAC to WND a few months ago.

Oh, no! Not “homosexual sponsorship”! (WND describes the sponsor in question as “GOProud, which calls itself 'the only national organization for gay conservatives and their allies.'")

Interestingly, while WND is up in arms about a group of gay conservatives co-sponsoring CPAC, the article doesn't raise any concerns about another event co-sponsor: The John Birch Society.

Which isn't to say CPAC's “cooperation with 'gays'” is WND's only complaint. They're also miffed that CPAC doesn't seem to have much interest in allowing WND's Joseph Farah to peddle his Birther conspiracy theories at the event:

Joseph Farah, WND's chief executive officer and founder, said he received an invitation from CPAC's Lisa DePasquale for WND to be a cosponsor for the 2010 event, scheduled Feb. 18-20, and he responded with a brief private e-mail suggesting an interest in discussing the issue of President Obama's eligibility to hold office at the event.

“Never heard back from her - not even a polite acknowledgement of receipt of my e-mail,” he said. “But months later she offered to an interviewer from the L.A. Times, among others, that CPAC 'turned me down.'”

So to sum up: WorldNetDaily thinks CPAC should exclude gays but include Birchers and Birthers.