Some of Molotov Mitchell's best friends are ... gay?

Is Molotov Mitchell doing a little damage control? Two weeks after endorsing a proposed Uganda law that would permit the death penalty for homosexuality, the WorldNetDaily videographer has uploaded a new video in which he takes the some-of-my-best-friends-are-gay approach.

Mitchell begins by insisting that since he knows “the data” and “some of the scientists,” as well as because “I have personally worked with ex-gays for years,” he has concluded that “there's absolutely no evidence to support the gay activists' claim that same-sex attraction is genetic, and it's definitely not immutable.” He adds: “When I say I'm against homosexuality, I mean I'm against a self-destructive lifestyle that is both unnecessary and dangerous.”

The problem is that Mitchell isn't just “against homosexuality” ; he favors the “abolition of homosexuality.” He has not directly explained in his videos how he wants such abolition to occur, but his support for the Uganda law may be one possible clue.

But Mitchell then declares he has “gay friends.” This leads to a story from his days of working in “actor circles,” when he was confronted at a party by a “flaming homosexual” who asked him -- as Mitchell lapses into stereotypically fey, limp-wristed mannerisms and a lisping voice -- if he's going to hell for being gay. “I smiled, I looked him in the eye, and I said, 'Yeah, it looks like you are headed for hell.' ”

He claimed this confrontational behavior went on for several weeks until a going-away party for the “flaming homosexual,” during which, according to Mitchell, he was told by the “flaming homosexual” that “you're my only friend because you told me what I always knew.” Mitchell then gets dramatic: “And then he started sobbing, and I grabbed him and I hugged him, and he just cried into my shoulder.” Mitchell's lesson: “Faithful are the wounds of a friend.”

Mitchell concluded: “Over the years, I've had lots of homosexual friends, and I've been straight with all of them about my aversion to their sexual lifestyle. A few have walked away, sure, but for the most part, they all stayed close, because they knew I really loved them.”

If Michell wasn't mocking the kind of people who he claims he loves by busting out stereotypical imitations of them, we might think he was being genuinely sincere.