The right-wing media hates Alinsky, except when he's shaping their movement

"Warn your kids[!] Better yet, home school [them]," because Obama is "Brainwashing America's Youth," again -- if the latest bit of right-wing fear-mongering is to be believed, that is. Several conservative bloggers have run with the “story” that Organizing for America is accepting applications for its semester-long internship program/“civilian youth brigade,” in which the “shocking list” of suggested reading includes community organizer Saul Alinsky's 1971 book Rules for Radicals (the purpose of which is: “indoctrinating [your children] into Saul Alinsky's radical tactics and ideology”).

If so, you'd better keep your kids away from those Tea Parties.

Tea Party leader and “the co-founder of Top Conservatives on Twitter” Michael Patrick Leahy has written an entire book based off of Alinsky's “shocking” work, deftly entitled: Rules for Conservative Radicals: Lessons from Saul Alinsky[!] the Tea Party Movement and the Apostle Paul in the Age of Collaborative Technologies. In his book, “Leahy argues that today's conservative radical should follow the tactics of Saul Alinsky, but apply the morals and ethics of Martin Luther King."

And Leahy is not the only conservative poisoned by what right-wing blogger Pamela Geller calls “the mother's milk of the left.”

Conservative "hero" and Fox News' favorite investigative journalist James O'Keefe is also a fan. The Los Angeles Times reported that O'Keefe found an “unlikely source of inspiration” in Alinsky and O'Keefe “took to heart” Alinsky's principle to: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

Also, on Fox News' Glenn Beck, David Horowitz advocated for conservatives to follow “what Saul Alinsky argues”

i.e., “shout[ing] things whether they are true or not,” and “stag[ing] a die-in" -- in order to “catch the other side off-guard” and win the health care debate.

Alinsky's “evil” has even reached all the way out to the Heartland, with The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder reporting: “in Kansas City, Missouri, a group of conservative organizers will conduct a most unusual training session. They will teach the ”Rules for Radicals' laid down by the god of community organizing, Saul Alinsky. The idea: learn to recognize the footprints of the enemy." Similarly, The Washington Independent's David Weigel has reported that “Alinsky has found a thriving and surprising fan club in the modern conservative movement,” with “many 'Tea Party' activists say[ing] they're cribbing from Alinsky.”

Yes, if Geller and the other bloggers on the right are to be believed, Obama is coming for your children through the vessel of Saul Alinsky. And in Geller's own words: “Can you imagine if the Republicans attempted such a stunt?” The mind boggles.