Insight , WorldNetDaily, FrontPage reported that Iraqi WMD have been found

by Shant Mesrobian

In an April 27 article, Insight on the News senior writer Kenneth R. Timmerman reported that Iraqi weapons of mass destruction have indeed been found but that the media has chosen to let the story go unreported. According to Timmerman:

In virtually every case -- chemical, biological, nuclear and ballistic missiles -- the United States has found the weapons and the programs that [Saddam Hussein] successfully concealed for 12 years from U.N. weapons inspectors.

Timmerman does not say whether he has informed the Bush administration of his findings. Most of his reporting relies on anonymous “senior administration officials” who spoke “on condition that neither their name nor their agency be identified.” Timmerman rightly noted that “this stunning news has received little attention from the major media.” In fact, the news has not even caught the attention of The Washington Times, the sister publication of Insight. However,, “the world's leading independent news site,” reprinted Timmerman's article in its entirety on April 26, as did David Horowitz's on April 28.

Timmerman has written an entire book on Iraqi weapons: Death Lobby: How the West Armed Iraq, published by Houghton Mifflin in 1991. According to the book's synopsis on, “Six years of research and interviews with arms merchants reveal how Western governments transformed Iraq into a regional superpower by ignoring warnings of Iraq's true intentions and by selling weapons to Saddam Hussein.” Timmerman has also written several other books, including Shakedown: Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson, published by the conservative press Regnery Publishing in 2002. His most recent book is The French Betrayal of America, published by the conservative press Crown Forum in March 2004. Timmerman unsuccessfully ran as a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in the Maryland primary in March 2000.