Attention, Suckers: WND Has A 10-Step Program For You

WorldNetDaily offers readers “10 easy steps” to become an “eligibility activist” :

It probably won't surprise you to learn that nine of the ten steps require you to send WND a check.

Step one offers readers “the most in-depth primer on the subject ever compiled,” for the low, low price of $7.95. Step two asks for a “donation of $2 or more.” Step three is a sales pitch for a $17.99 DVD. Step four instructs readers to buy a yard sign for $19.95. Next step: Purchase a $19.99 t-shirt. Step six requires the purchase of a $4.00 pack of postcards. Step 7: Purchase bumper stickers at a minimum of $2 each ($5.95 if you prefer a magnetic bumper sticker for easy removal.) Step 8 is easy: Sign a petition. Finally, a reprieve from the financial shakedown! But it doesn't last long: WND readers who want to become “eligibility activists” are next asked for another donation. Finally, completion of the 10 steps requires the purchase of a $22.95 book from WND.

WorldNetDaily founder Joseph Farah explains: “It's time to step up the pressure … If you want to encourage me to keep up the fight, please follow this 'how to become an eligibility activist 10-point program.'”

Total Cost: At least $96.83 (not counting those two donations.)

Gee, you don't think WND's relentless birtherism is just a shameless attempt to con gullible readers out of their hard-earned cash, do you?