Fox's Will Cain: “What we are suffering from is not a pandemic of sickness" but “a pandemic of positive tests”

Brian Kilmeade: “The best thing ever to happen, I think in the long picture, the omicron.”

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Citation From the January 4, 2022, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

WILL CAIN (CO-HOST): Ainsley, so you are pointing out two categories that have been sacrificed at the altar of one singular topic, and that is the vaccine. Not only are you not allowed to talk about therapeutics, therapeutics have been completely vilified over the past year and a half. We have no interest in helping sick people. In fact, we villainize sick people, certainly if they're not vaccinated. So, that's the topic when it comes to monoclonal antibodies. It's fallen at the altar of the vaccine because you're not allowed to talk about therapeutics. 

But, the more important one I want to talk about for just a moment, Ainsley, is the testing you brought up. So, right now it's my belief, Ainsley, that we are suffering from a pandemic of positive tests. I don't think we need more tests. I think we have enough tests. We are testing asymptomatic, healthy people, we're sacrificing businesses. People and our economy are falling like flies, not to being sick, but to being suffering from a positive test. And do you know what's weird about this, Ainsley? Just an observation to tie this back into football, Brian, you know, apparently, the demand for tests outpaces the supply. That's what I'm to understand because we don't have enough on the market. Why when I'm watching Sunday Night Football was there an advertisement between Mike Tirico and Chris Collinsworth for Abbott tests? Abbott was sponsoring Sunday Night Football, Brian. Which, by the way, I'd never heard of Abbott before a year or two ago and now they have this big marketing budget. It would seem that budget would be devoted to increasing supply if demand outpaces supply. So, my point is we are investing in testing, and testing asymptomatic people, and what we are suffering from is not a pandemic of sickness right now, we are suffering from a pandemic of positive tests.

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): No question. Let me just run through that. There is nothing you said that was inaccurate, and Ainsley, I hear your frustration when it comes to these tests and because people have to get on a plane and go international need a test. Go back to school, they need a test. Got to go back to college, they need a booster. Now, you're making everyone wait online and you don't have the facilities to handle it. Number two, the best thing to ever to happen, I think in the long picture, the omicron. Mild symptoms gives you antibodies. Then we're armed up for the next variant that comes through, which is going to be lighter. Why don't they admit that? Number two, the vaccines don't stop the disease, they just blunt some of the symptoms, perhaps. There's no even evidence it's less likely we are going to spread it if we have it.