White nationalist Nick Fuentes brags that Charlie Kirk has adopted his messaging

Fuentes also boasted that his “groyper” followers continue infiltrating Kirk’s Turning Point USA

White nationalist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes bragged in a speech in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Sunday that Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk has adopted some of his extremist views and messaging. Kirk’s youth-focused Turning Point Action, an affiliate of his better known TPUSA, had just concluded a two-day conference in the same city.

Fuentes leads a far-right movement of primarily young, white men who call themselves “groypers” and are unified by his cult of personality and his explicitly racist, antisemitic rhetoric. Groypers have long sought to infiltrate or further radicalize Kirk’s TPUSA, which has alternately feuded and shared personnel with Fuentes in recent years. Although Kirk maintains significant access to Republican presidential candidates — several of whom spoke at his weekend event — he also surrounds himself with far-right extremists including election deniers, white nationalists, and antisemites. 

“I watched the Turning Point [conference] and they had a pretty good line-up, I’m not gonna lie,” Fuentes told what he referred to as his “very young crowd” in Florida this week.

“They’re coming further and further,” he added. “I think in 2023, Charlie Kirk, all these others, they sound way more like me, today, than they sound like themselves four years ago.”    

Fuentes then launched into overt antisemitism. “The people that are running the country, they’re not liberal, they’re not leftist,” he said. “One of the primary things they all have in common, many of them, is that they’re Jewish.”

“What’s more, it’s not just that they might be Jewish, but the ones even that aren’t are atheists,” he added. 

Just minutes later, Fuentes polled his audience on whether they’d gone to Kirk’s event that weekend. “Raise your hand, how many went to Turning Point?” he asked the crowd. “Seeing quite a few hands, almost like half the room. The reason I asked is simple. We are not fighting a conventional war against Con[servative] Inc., against Turning Point USA, against the conservatives.” He added, “We don’t have 50 million dollars from Zionist donors every year.”

“We don’t have the same resources they do, we’re fighting a guerrilla war, but in many ways, we’ve already won, and here’s why I say that” he continued. “We have, all day long, young zoomers that watch my show — guess what? they’re the children of politicians, some of the most famous ones you may know, I’m just gonna throw that out there.”

“We’ve got fans of the show that are children of billionaires, children of leaders in the country, in industry,” Fuentes said. “They also happen to be people who are in Turning Point USA right now: chapter presidents, in leadership.”

“It’s a pretty clear dynamic,” he added. “Turning Point USA, or Leadership Institute, whatever you want to say — every day, groypers who believe in this message, who believe in me, are infiltrating the highest ranks of their leadership, but we’re all here today 100 percent ideologically aligned. This is a revolution.”

Fuentes concluded his speech by espousing Christian nationalism, a political orientation Kirk and TPUSA have also increasingly adopted. His movement’s “two irrefutable principles” are “America First; Jesus Christ is King. Everything must revolve around those two axioms.” 

“This is a holy war,” he added.

Minutes later, he expounded on the point. “We want a Christian future in our lifetimes,” Fuentes said.

“We’re in a holy war, and I will tell you this,” Fuentes said to close his speech. “Because we’re willing to die in the holy war, we will make them die in the holy war.” 

“They have no future in America,” he concluded. “The enemies of Christ have no future in this world.”

Fuentes later posted on Telegram that Rumble removed his video because the streaming platform considered his “holy war” comments an incitement to violence.

Although Kirk’s rhetoric is generally less exterminationist than Fuentes’, he and TPUSA have embraced extreme Christian nationalists. At a TPUSA Pastors Summit in June, pastor Bill Federer referenced Leviticus 20 to suggest that abortion providers should be “put to death.” Others cited Matthew 18, implying that an adult who causes harm to a child should “have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” Anti-trans grifter Riley Gaines lamented that Christians have been “peaceful for too long.”

Separately, TPUSA is reportedly partnering with anti-LGBTQ “Christocrat” Rick Scarborough, who has a long history of making anti-gay remarks and endorsing theocracy.