White Nationalist Leaders Praise Trump’s “Stunning” Anti-Semitic Tweet

White nationalist leaders are praising Donald Trump for tweeting an anti-Semitic image attacking Hillary Clinton. The pro-Trump racists wrote that the tweet represented “dog-whistling by The Leader” about “filthy Jew terrorists,” proof that “Trump is not backing down,” and that it’s “Nice to see Mr. Trump slipping some 'Red Pills' to the American people.” 

Trump Tweeted An Anti-Semitic Image Attacking Clinton

Continuing A Pattern, Trump Tweeted An Anti-Semitic Image Attacking Hillary Clinton. On July 2, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump tweeted an anti-Semitic image featuring a picture of Hillary Clinton “over a backdrop of $100 bills with a six-pointed star — the Jewish Star of David — next to her face. ‘Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!’ the star read,” as The Huffington Post summarized. After initially refusing to respond to criticism, Trump later claimed the shape was “a basic star, often used by sheriffs.” CNN commentators Jeffrey Lord and Corey Lewandowski have similarly defended the tweet. [The Huffington Post, 7/2/16, 7/4/16; Media Matters, 7/5/16, 7/5/16]

White Nationalists Have Endorsed Trump And His Policies. White nationalist groups and leaders have celebrated Trump’s presidential campaign and used his candidacy to recruit followers, fundraise, and spread their message. The Trump campaign has had a series of troubling interactions with the white nationalist movement, including giving a white nationalist radio host press credentials, failing to condemn their actions, and retweeting white nationalists and racist images. [Media Matters, 3/1/16, 5/11/16, 7/7/16]

Leading Pro-Trump White Nationalists Praise Trump For Anti-Semitic Tweet

David Duke: “#TrumpWasRight.” The Southern Poverty Law Center has called Duke “the most recognizable figure of the American radical right, a neo-Nazi, longtime Klan leader and now international spokesman for Holocaust denial.” Duke responded positively to Trump’s tweet, writing “Nice to see Mr. Trump slipping some 'Red Pills' to the American people!” and later tweeting, “#TrumpWasRight.” After Trump changed the tweet, Duke responded: “That's ok, we welcome the hidden hand exposing itself.”

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Neo-Nazi Website Daily Stormer Praises Trump For “Dog-Whistling” And Exposing “Filthy Jew Terrorists.” The Daily Stormer is a neo-Nazi website that has endorsed Trump for president and organizes anti-Semitic online attacks. Publisher Andrew Anglin praised Trump for “dog-whistling” and promoting the purported fact that “the majority of Hilary’s [sic] donors are filthy Jew terrorists”:

This is, yet again, dog-whistling by The Leader. It comes just after he made some offensive comments about Israel being our friend – he says this for the evangelicals, then he signals to us – his real supporters – that we need not worry, he is just shilling a bit to get into power at which point he will shut down the entire Jew agenda.


Also, by pushing this into the media, the Jews bring to the public the fact that yes, the majority of Hilary’s donors are filthy Jew terrorists. [Media Matters, 12/8/15; Daily Stormer, 7/2/16; The Washington Post, 7/3/16]

Anti-Semitic Writer Kevin MacDonald: “This Is Stunning.” Kevin MacDonald is the editor of the online publication The Occidental Observer. The SPLC describes him as “the neo-Nazi movement's favorite academic” who has “published a trilogy that supposedly 'proves' that Jews are genetically driven to destroy Western societies.” MacDonald wrote of Trump’s tweet: “This is stunning. I suppose there are other ways to interpret this, but prima facie Trump is not backing down.” He also praised Trump’s response that it was a “Sheriff’s Star." 

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