Rep. Scott Perry shared post from pro-Nazi and white nationalist account

In previously unreported activity, Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) shared a post claiming that “indigenous Brits are LITERALLY being replaced by foreign men.” Perry’s post was taken from a social media account that has promoted pro-Nazi material, shared white nationalist propaganda, and attacked people for being Jewish (as when it posted, “shut up jew boy,” in response to a comment). 

This isn’t the first time that Media Matters has documented a Republican member of the House of Representatives sharing material from a pro-Nazi media source: Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), who is a member of the House Freedom Caucus with Perry, last year twice promoted sites that denied the Holocaust and praised Adolf Hitler. Media Matters has also repeatedly documented how Republican officeholders have engaged with or shared content from extremist and bigoted accounts.

Perry is a far-right member of Congress who frequently appears in right-wing media. He has a history of promoting conspiracy theories and played a key role in the Republican attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election in Pennsylvania. 

On February 20, Perry shared a post from the social media account “UltraDane” promoting the white nationalist “great replacement” theory. (UltraDane, which has more than 150,000 followers, frequently promotes the conspiracy theory to disparage non-whites.) 

Scott Perry promotes the account UltraDane

If a Perry supporter saw the post and then followed that account, that person could now be seeing a stream of extremist content, as UltraDane spews white nationalist, antisemitic, and pro-Nazi rhetoric. 

Below are numerous examples from the Perry-promoted account, from both before and after he shared a post from it. 

White nationalist rhetoric

The UltraDane post Perry shared claiming that “indigenous Brits are LITERALLY being replaced by foreign men” was not an aberration for the account. For example: 

  • UltraDane has repeatedly complained about “African invaders.” 
  • UltraDane wrote in December 2023: “You (WE) are being replaced; if this doesn't turn quickly, England will be Somalia with nice buildings.”
  • UltraDane has repeatedly fearmongered about the Kalergi Plan, a conspiracy theory that originated with Nazis and which, as PolitiFact wrote, falsely claims that late author Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi “planned the destruction of white European civilization through migration and interracial marriage.” 
  • UltraDane shared a video suggesting that Europe is for whites and stating that “‘Multiculutralism’ is just a code word for White Genocide.” 

In January 2024, UltraDane shared a quote from white nationalist Jared Taylor that stated: “When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western civilization — any kind of civilization — disappears.” The account wrote: “I take no pleasure in believing this. ive not seen where it doesn’t hold true.” 

In January 2024, UltraDane repeatedly shared anti-Black memes such as these

UltraDane white nationalist memes

UltraDane wrote on February 10, 2024: “Based on historical facts & records, over 96% of all accomplishments in the scientific community took place either in Europe or North America. All of this was achieved by people of European descent.  Europe IS Civilization, don't let inferior cultures drag you down; step up.” 

Antisemitic and pro-Nazi rhetoric

In March 2023, UltraDane replied to another account: “shut up jew boy.” 

UltraDane promoted the neo-Nazi film Europa: The Last Battle on February 1 and February 29. That film praises Hitler, portrays Jewish people as the enemy, and promotes Holocaust denial. 

UltraDane wrote on February 19, 2024: “MSM is Jewish controlled no?” 

On March 11, UltraDane shared a video credited to “Black Crimes Matter” that began by stating: “Over 400,000 American troops died during World War II to save the Jews. They have shown their gratitude by spreading cultural Marxism to dilute and destroy the White race.” 

Also on March 11, UltraDane embedded a video featuring speeches from European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Hitler and wrote: “One with these 2 people have totalitarian tendencies, a light moustache, hate their own people, talk of global domination, the restriction of personal freedoms & the destruction of the nuclear family-the other one is Hitler.” 

April 2, UltraDane shared a meme about the Holocaust and wrote: “Over 7000 pages describing the war, the times, different experiences, and not one of them mentioned a holocaust. That's weird.” 

On April 4, UltraDane shared a pro-Nazi video that included the phrases “Hitler was right!” and “Fight for your race!”

UltraDane pro-Hitler video