Rep. Paul Gosar has been promoting a white nationalist site that warns readers they “are being replaced” by “minorities”

Paul Gosar image from Arizona's Family

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) has been promoting the work of white nationalist Vincent James Foxx and his website Daily Veracity. Gosar is directing followers to a publication that portrays Black people as violent criminals and warns readers that they “are being replaced” because “minorities are pouring into the country and having children.” 

Foxx is a racist and antisemitic commentator who, ABC News wrote, was “present near the Capitol building during the siege” on January 6. He oversaw The Red Elephants, a white nationalist publication that also posted antisemitic content such as a list featuring “the names of Jews at the top in media.” (The site appears to basically be defunct as its front page hasn’t been updated in months.) 

Foxx has now been leading Daily Veracity, a relatively new site that posts white nationalist tropes. Headlines on the site include “Black Americans Most Likely to Commit Hate Crimes, Join Hate Groups, and Commit Interracial Attacks. Here are the Numbers”; “You Can’t Support Black Lives Matter and Also Support Science”; and “White People Were the First to End Slavery, and Nowhere Near the Biggest Slavers.” It also promotes white nationalist outlets like VDare, American Renaissance, and Red Ice TV

Daily Veracity also pushes the “great replacement theory,” which claims that white people are being replaced by nonwhite immigrants. A July 30 piece on the site with the headline “Yes, You Are Being Replaced” states: “Some conservative pundits demand that conservatives should work to do a better job winning over minority voters of all varieties, but at the rate that minorities are pouring into the country and having children, this is mathematically impossible. Within my lifetime, and to deny this is to deny simple mathematics, a Republican President will soon never be able to win an election ever again unless drastic action is taken.” 

In February, Gosar appeared with Foxx at the white nationalist America First Political Action Conference organized by racist antisemite Nick Fuentes. Gosar has a long history of promoting extremism. 

In recent months, Gosar has been promoting Foxx to his Twitter followers. 

On June 20, he promoted a piece from the site and wrote: “An interesting article at Daily Veracity about steps red states can take to keep their states prosperous, family friendly, sane and safe. Many from CA and elsewhere flee to AZ.  Leave the failed policies behind and support winning policies.” The Gosar-promoted piece includes “policies that Republican state legislators and governors should be pushing for within the states Republicans control,” including a section proposing to “Block Refugee and Illegal Immigrant Resettlement in Republican States.”

On August 1, he praised Foxx for a thread about how to fight against vaccine mandates.

And on August 7, Gosar promoted another piece on the site: 

That piece cites the white nationalist site VDare and fearmongers about the threat of immigrants into the country, including regarding the coronavirus. The bottom of the Gosar-promoted content includes a link to the “Yes, You Are Being Replaced” piece.