Pro-Trump Radio Host David Duke Suggests That Hillary Clinton Should Get The “Electric Chair” For “Treason”

White Nationalist: Clinton Should “Be Facing Capital Punishment In This Country For What She’s Done”  

From the October 27 edition of Rense Radio Network’s David Duke Show:

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DAVID DUKE: The only seat that she should be taking is not in the Oval Office, but maybe in an electric chair if Clinton got justice for her treason against America, literally admitting -- she admitted herself that she supports a state, a radical jihadist radical Islamic state that’s been sponsoring terrorism all over the world and has led directly to the rise of ISIS and the destruction of many Americans and Europeans and of course hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East. I mean it’s just absolutely amazing. She has basically admitted that she’s a traitor to America and if she truly had justice by law she’d be facing capital punishment in this country for what she’s done.


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