David Duke Praises Steve Bannon’s Hiring As “A Good Sign” Because He’s Been “Right On About A Lot Of Issues”

White Nationalist Radio Host Defends Bannon Over Reportedly Not Wanting His Kids Go To School With Jewish Students

From the November 14 edition of Rense Radio Network’s David Duke Show:

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DAVID DUKE (HOST): I think that’s a good sign because I think Mr. Bannon has really been right on about a lot of issues facing European-Americans. He’s really talked about the, and supported in some ways, the alt-right, although I think they supported some of the members or so-called members of the alt-right like Milo who is not really representative of the alt-right. At the same time, he certainly understands that immigration is a destructive force in America, the western world. They have been savagely attacking Merkel and, of course, Trump himself made some pretty powerful attacks against Merkel.


DUKE: Maybe it was because if, again, if this did happen, and I’m not saying it did, maybe that he didn’t want his children to be indoctrinated with the Jewish anti-goy, anti-white narrative their entire school life about how white people are guilty of all these crimes against Jews. They don’t talk about Jewish crimes.



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