“Bravo President Trump!” David Duke Thrilled Over Trump’s “Great” Picks Of Bannon, Flynn, And Sessions

Former KKK Leader Reacts To Trump Choices: “Our Side Is Empowered, Our Side Is Enthusiastic"

From the November 18 edition of Rense Radio Network’s David Duke Show:

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DAVID DUKE: I really believe that we are on the way. The last three appointees of Donald Trump, the most important appointees, [Stephen] Bannon as his chief strategist. Flynn, of course, Michael Flynn as his national security adviser, top adviser, and [Jeff] Sessions as attorney general, I believe, are the first steps in taking America back. He’s appointed men who are going to start this process of taking our country back and I tell you, for the first time in years, our side is empowered, our side is enthusiastic, our side is excited, our side is hopeful, but more than hopeful, we are becoming confident.


Bravo President Trump! Some great first steps. We’re on the way, folks, to taking America back.


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