Antisemite Nick Fuentes cheers Elon Musk for boosting anti-ADL campaign: “We have a captive audience of one who just happens to be the richest man in the world"

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Citation From the September 4, 2023, edition of Nick Fuentes' America First livestream

NICK FUENTES (HOST): And maybe even a bigger deal than that is that the audience, which really matters, is not even necessarily the entire platform, although that is beneficial. The real audience, which I think is maybe the most important feature here, is with Elon Musk. It's not just that maybe billions or hundreds of millions of people are seeing the conversation, but it's specifically this audience of one. Elon Musk is paying attention and we've been watching it closely. It almost seems like he wakes up and checks Keith Woods' timeline for updates on this. It's hard not to believe that based on -- you look at when his engagement starts for the day and he starts every day by liking the tweets and he replies to a few of them, even replying to some of the retweets on Keith Woods' timeline.

And so that's maybe even a bigger deal. It's not just that we have an audience here through this campaign with hundreds of millions through the hashtag and the keywords, but we have a captive audience of one who just happens to be the richest man in the world, the kingmaker on the platform, who is very in tuned to this conversation and specifically the conversation as it pertains to what we are saying about it. And so he tweeted 28 times in just the last 24 hours about this campaign.